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Business Consulting Services

Crum Consult is considered one of the most successful new-age management consulting firms.

Leading Business Consultant

We strive to bring long-term success to the businesses that we work with. We create value by integrating cutting-edge technology such as new AI systems and machine learning in order to increase productivity and generate revenue.

Small Business Consultant

Flexible Pricing

For All Sized Businesses

Global Offices


Where We Operate

Crum has offices around the world. Here are our most popular areas of work.

London Office

Our main office is located in London, United Kingdom.

Atlanta Partner


NYC Partner


Chicago Partner



Consulting Framework

We love taking your vision to reality. Here’s how we work:


What Problem Are You Facing?

We first gather an understanding of what exactly a clients needs are. This is done by meetings either in-person or through conference call. Depending on the complexity of an issue and client requests, we may request to have more than one initial meeting.

Primary and Secondary Research

Our research team will then begin to research solutions to your problem or request. We have access to some of the most advanced and accurate data sets imaginable, making your problem much more manageable.



Plan Development + Blueprint

Now we know exactly what problem you are facing, our team begins to develop a plan of action. This will include how we are going to implement a fix or grow your business. 

Implementation + Growth

In this stage, we implement the solution to the problem and monitor the results. If you are looking for us to growth your business then you can expect frequent reporting and meetings to ensure client satisfaction.