Startup Consulting Services

Crum Consult works with startup companies to help them grow and reach goals.

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How We Consult Startups

What we can do for your startup company.

Our client base consists of some of the fastest growing startup companies in the world. The Crum Consult team work 24/7 with organizations across the globe to ensure that they reach their startup goals. If you are a startup and are looking for advice, consultancy or growth then contact our specialists today.

  • Funding Consulting – Secure funding from investors
  • Team Creation – Find executives for your company
  • Market Launch – Launch your product/service
  • Enterprise Consulting  –  Find out how to grow your business pass the startup stage

Stages Of Startup Consulting

Learn more about what startups we work with.
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    Developing An Effective Strategy

    Once your idea formation is complete, it is essential that you strategize how your product/service should enter the market and what projections should be set. We will integrate our digital technology and manufacturing infrastructure to ensure your product is complete to your specs.

  • 2

    Advanced Market Research

    Crum Consult boasts some of the most advanced analytical tools in the world. We have an unparalleled insight into all markets. With our analytical tools, our research team can get to work on what steps you should take to have maximum success with your project.

  • 3

    Marketing Your Product/Service

    Marketing a startup company or organization can be difficult as your brand is unknown in the industry. At Crum Consult, we do marketing like no other business consultants. We strategize the most effective marketing plan to maximize exposure, sales and other tailored-targets depending on the organization.

Why you need a consultant for your startup

Our expert team provide some of the highest levels of analytics available to partnering organizations.

The market research that Crum Consult carries out is designed to maximize growth and for strategy development.

When a business is in the startup phase, finding the correct staff and leadership team can be incredibly difficult. We help talent scout and manage executive members of your team for maximum success.