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Technology consulting

For small, medium and large companies, Crum Consult carries out tech consulting in all cities.

For Businesses

We implement tech platforms into business infrastructures.

For Universities

We work with education institutes to revolutionize their tech systems.

World Renowned

Crum Consult is known for being the world's premiere tech consulting firm.

Tech Consulting

Research, implementation and post-analysis services as our key areas.

Crum Consult looks at how organizations can bring new tech into their current business model and adopt new practices in order to gain a competitive edge in the market. By carrying out research, prototyping, incubation and analysis, Crum Consult can bring your company to new heights using technology.

Cameron Batt
CEO - Crum Consult
our bold vision

Tech Consultants

Custom IT services and solutions built specifically for your business

Artificial Intelligence

Crum AI is used in digital environments around the world.

Cloud Computing

If you are looking to utilize cloud computing, we implement new systems daily.

Tailored Approach

We look at what clients need and create a plan of how we can implement the tech.

vision & Mission

London Based

Our vision is to have all businesses technologically advanced, enabling all stakeholders to have a more efficient experience in all aspects.

We strive to be the largest tech consulting division in the next 5 years, launching our own Crum AI, cloud computing and cybersecurity systems.

We value privacy, security and sustainability. All of our consulting in the tech field is done with future generations in mind, ensuring decisions are made with sustainability in mind.

During over 30 years of operation, our priority has always been to maintain strong relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers