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PPC marketing for law firms

PPC or pay-per-click is an advertising model that works by clients using their budget in order to have their site displayed higher than organic results. We work with eCommerce businesses in order to develop, launch and manage PPC campaigns in a variety of sectors.

Experts in law firm PPC

Campaign optimisation

Once your PPC campaign is launched, we then monitor its performance.

Campaign optimisation

The key to any good PPC campaign is thorough testing and optimisations. We know what makes a pay-per-click campaign tick.

Ad copy and creative

Our team of PPC experts are able to produce creative elements and ad-copy.

Ad copy and creative

Creating copy that gets conversions can be tough. Luckily, we have an amazing team of content creators in-house that propel PPC campaigns.

Keyword development

We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge PPC keyword software.

Keyword development

Finding keywords that drive clicks without costing a fortune can be hard to come across. Our team of keyword researchers are able to find the best keywords for your campaign.

Drive leads with PPC

We work with eCommerce businesses around the world in order to drive conversions through pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-per-click services

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If you are looking to drive visitors to your site and don't want to wait months to see SEO results, then PPC may be your best option. Despite PPC being more costly than SEO and organic marketing, results can be seen much sooner.

We work with clients to help achieve the lowest cost per conversion possible. Our team of PPC pros are able to make PPC campaigns cost effective and a viable long-term solution.

We work with minimum budgets of $/£1,000 per month and we charge a set fee for clients with budgets under $/£10,000. For large and enterprise-level clients, we have tailored pricing based on budget. Contact us to find more.

Frequently asked questions

There are many ways to drive sales. Pay-per-click advertising is just one way in which companies can get attention to their products.

The benefits of PPC is that sales can be almost immediate and as soon as your campaign launches, it’s likely to get some clicks. SEO and organic marketing can take time to provide tangible results, with PPC you may see sales as soon as the first week of the campaign launch.

PPC consultancy is provided before a campaign in launched, once the campaign is underweigh and once it comes to an end. Our consulting involves working closely with the client to ensure that the campaign is performing as well as it can.

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