Law firm PR services

What is PR for law firms?

We help digital agencies get featured in publications such as Forbes and win highly-prestigious digital awards.

PR for digital agencies


Award procurement

We help agencies win awards in their sector.


Editorial placements

We get our clients get full editorial placements.


TV coverage

We help agencies get noticed and build their authority.

Make your agency stand out

Creating a business that will last depends on a strong brand image, luckily we know how to create that.

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Frequently asked questions

A PR agency can do many things. At Crum, we work with clients to develop a brand image, push that image and then clean it up. In other words, we make sure the right people see your business how you want them to see it.

If you have a mid-size business (or larger) and are looking to create an image that separates you with the competition, then look no further as our team are Pr experts.

Small businesses do not usually need PR services, this is because they are typically location-specific and do not have the budget to expend on PR.

If you have a larger company that needs to target a specific audience, build its reputation or become a more recognisable brand, then it’s likely that you need a PR agency.

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