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What is eCommerce SEO ?

eCommerce SEO is the practice of driving traffic and sales to a website using organic methods. In short, this means ranking for keywords relating to your product and driving sales by people finding the site on search engines.

The SEO process for eCommerce businesses

SEO strategy

The more saturated the niche, the harder it is for a website to rank.

SEO strategy

We work with eCommerce businesses in all sectors in order to provide SEO strategy and figure out news ways that they can beat the competition.

Technical suggestions

We provide technical audits and developers to keep your site running.

Technical suggestions

Our team of eCommerce SEO experts will help you implement the necessary changes on your site in order to make it an organic sales powerhouse.

KPI reporting

Each client receives daily, weekly, quarterly and annual reports.

KPI reporting

Once your strategy has started, we then provide daily, weekly and quarterly reports that highlight just how effective SEO is at driving sales to your business. We also allocate each client a client services team and 24/7 support.

Technical SEO and management

We keep the wheels turning on some of the most popular eCommerce sites in the world.

On-page SEO optimisations and strategy

Content strategy, keyword research/briefs are provided in order to help your pages gain organic visibility.

Off page and link building for eCommerce businesses

Driving natural links from authority sites is where we shine. Many of our clients have secured links in top magazines and newspapers.

SEO services

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  • What is an SEO consultant?

Marketing eCommerce businesses can be costly as paid social and PPC campaigns require significant monthly budgets to push leads and conversions. eCommerce SEO takes longer to drive sales than PPC, but is typically more cost effective and provides results consistently.

An SEO consultant will strategize, develop and implement an organic strategy that is designed to help client websites improve their organic visibility. Our SEO department consists of many SEO consultants, each specialising in one or more areas.

SEO case studies

If you are looking to grow your site using SEO, then take a look at our case studies and find out what we can do for your business.

Frequently asked questions

After working on hundreds of eCommerce sites in a multitude of niches, we feel that no challenge is too great for the team at Crum Consult. We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from startup to enterprise level. We class ourselves as ‘experts’ due to our experience and track record in terms of client performance.

In many niches, pay-per-click marketing (or PPC) can be costly and this isn’t suitable long-term for many businesses. Although it can take longer for eCommerce businesses to see results through SEO, those results are typically cheaper than running a paid campaign.

All agencies operate differently and tend to work with clients of a certain size with a certain budget. At Crum we work with eCommerce businesses of all sizes and budgets ranging from $1,000 upwards as part of our ‘Lite’ plan. What makes Crum different from other SEO agencies is that we do not up-sell and are transparent with our processes.

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