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What is a website migration?

Websites of all types, (espectially Commerce sites) can outgrow their CMS. This means that if you started your business on WooCommerce or Shopify and you get more sales than these platforms can handle, then you may need a migration. We work with many clients to help migrate their online stores.

Migrations we carry out

Wordpress migrations

If you have a site that is hosted on the WordPress CMS, we can migrate it.

Wordpress migrations

Wordpress is a great CMS for small websites and has great customisability. For instance we can migrate a WordPress site to Docker and other custom PHP environments.

Shopify site migrations

For eCommerce sites, Shopify is a platform that is easy to use.

Shopify site migrations

If you have a Shopify site that needs migrating to another CMS or custom eCommerce platform, then we can do this.

Drupal migrations

Drupal sites sometimes need migrating to new platforms, we can do this.

Drupal migrations

Drupal is a CMS that often needs migrating. Many clients look to have their Drupal sites moved to new, more robust CMS's. Our team can handle migrations from any site.

eCommerce site migration

Platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify aren’t always suitable for large eCommerce brands. When your business has outgrown it’s CMS, we can help migrate your site.

Website migration services

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  • How do I get my site migrated

When a website outgrows its CMS, then it may need to be migrated to another platform. An example of this is when an eCommerce site hosted on WooCommerce receives more sales than the CMS can handle and needs to be moved to a more heavy-duty eCommerce platform.

If your site runs on a platform that is not optimised for the type of content that you have on the site, then this can cause poor user experience and potential downtime. At Crum we suggest and carry out website migrations in order to increase the performance and capabilities of a site.

In order to get your site migrated to a new platform, you first need to schedule a consultation with our team. In this consultation we will look to understand your requirements and present you with the migration solutions and time-frame.

Frequently asked questions

Migrating a HTML site can be complex and requires significant planning and backups. When migrating a site to or from WordPress, our team follow a strict procedure.

A site migration is a big decision. If you are unsure if your site needs migrating to a new platform or don’t know what that platform is, then schedule an appointent with our team to find out more.

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