Technical SEO Audit Service

What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit is a report that highlights the things done well and not so well on your website. This can include things such as site speed, meta tags, broken pages and more. It is important that you know the technical downfalls to your site so they can be fixed. These fixes have the potential to improve your organic visibility, user experience and the site’s commercial value.

What's in our technical audits


We carry out analysis of websites to find areas they can improve.


Based on our findings, we will present these opportunities in a client-facing document that highlights the benefit of implementing these suggestions.

Implementation strategy

Implementing some of these fixes may be complex, requiring planning.

Implementation strategy

Our technical team provide insights into how these fixes can be implemented and what result you can expect on your site.

Value-adding suggestions

Our technical reports highlight areas that can add significant commercial value.

Value-adding suggestions

We prioritise our suggestions based on their impact on the website and what the outcome of implementing them would be.

Technical SEO audits

In our technical SEO reports, we provide a comprehensive list of opportunities that will allow your site to improve its performance.

SEO technical reports

  • What is the process

First, we carry out a full crawl of the site using our in-house platforms. From there we inspect the technical aspects of the site, such as site speed and broken pages. Once we complete our analysis, we product a report that highlights growth opportunity for clients and then consultation regarding implementation of these changes.

Frequently asked questions

We carry out our technical SEO site audits by utilizing a variety of tools such as: SEMrush, Ahrefs, ScreamingFrog and more. We first crawl your site using these tools, then manually analyze opportunities and research the best ways to implement these technical fixes.

Our technical SEO audit services come in the form of a client-facing PDF that lists every technical SEO aspect on the site.

This PDF will contain an insightful look into what SEO opportunities can be taken advantage of. Following on, a strategy document will be provided detailing how these fixes can be implemented. We do provide an end-to-end solution as our in-house team can implement these fixes on your site.

Our audits can be requested individually or in bulk. We also have the in-house capabilities to work on your site and implement the fixes mentioned in the technical report. To work with us and find out about pricing, schedule an appointment or email us.

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