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We help law firms around the world work with new clients and grow their scope.

Using SEO, PPC and PR, we transform legal firms and drive targeted leads (legal clients). We work with legal sizes of all sizes and budgets.

Law firm
marketing strategies


Drive revenue

Increase revenue by taking on new clients.


Increase leads

Drive leads using digital marketing


Boost awareness

Get seen in the ocean of law firms.

Legal marketing services

  • Lead generation
  • Raise awareness
  • PR & Strategy

Connecting law firms to clients

Make your law firm a household name

Give your law firm a digital presence

Grow your firm online

Digital marketing for law firms

Our team work with legal firms of all sizes and budgets to drive leads and new clients.

Generate leads using SEO

We are the leading law firm marketing agency, working with firms and attorneys around the world to bring them new clients.

Attract clients with PPC

PPC or Pay-per-click is another way to attract new clients. We have a 200% average R.O.I for our law firm clients when using PPC.

Boost notoriety with PR

Our PR team work with law firms to get them featured on renowned publications, magazines and even newspapers.

Renowned law firm marketing agency

We work with brands around the world to connect them to the a suitable agency.

Guaranteed results

Bringing organic results to top legal firms

We take the struggle out of bringing on new clients

We work with law firms around the world in order to drive leads and bring on new clients.

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Frequently asked questions

At Crum, we work with law firms to market their business and services in three main ways;

SEO, PPC and PR. Depending on budget, firm size and targets, we will consult with firms to discuss best marketing options.

The legal sector is highly competitive and getting your firm seen online can be tough. At Crum, we suggest firms have at minimum $1,000 monthly budget for digital marketing.

If you are interested in finding out what results we can provide within your budget, contact us to receive a proposal or schedule an appointment with one of our experts.