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We use big data in a range of sectors in order to solve problems.

We Boost Innovation

At Crum Consult, we partner with leading brands in order to solve problems and boost innovation.

Elite Strategists

 your company needs direction, management or strategy implementation, Crum Consult is the market leader



Crum Consult helps shape the future of energy, this means cleaner, safer and more responsible energy generation.

Industrial Equipment

Discover how we are changing the world of industrial mining and equipment.

Natural Resources

From analytics to connected mines, we work with mining companies, metal and forest product increase revenue and innovation.

Capital Markets

Our team of expert capital consultants work with investment banks, assets and wealth managers in order to take their business digital.

How we can help you

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare is going digital, no longer are the days of digital and non-digital organizations. Crum is leading the revolution in innovation in the health sector.

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Energy Consulting Services

The energy sector is striving to become smarter, safer and cleaner. Using our digital expertise, we help energy organizations develop a marketing and trade infrastructure.

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Banking Consulting Services

The banking sector has more competition than ever before. At Crum Consult we help banks perform at a higher level and have a competitive edge in the digital environment.

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Why Choose us

Health Services

We aid clients to deliver more effective diagnosis to patients and advance the public and private sector of healthcare.

Public Service

We help public sector companies accelerate their digital growth and widen their scope by developing an online infrastructure.

Technology Services

Building cutting-edge technology companies can be hard work. This is why Crum Consult assists technology brands with growth and market introduction.

Strategy Development

At Crum, we are always looking at how we can expand on current technology and solve problems using digital systems. This means creating new technology and developing previous-models. For example, our HUMAN+WORKER systems are used to integrate machine learning into human-only environments. We use our HUMAN+WORKER system in areas where automated systems can carry out a more efficient job than humans.

We assist mid-size and large organizations when making investment decisions. Before a merger or takeover is discussed, Crum Consult carries out deep market research and provides organizations with insight that will impact their future financial decisions.

A good operation strategy can take a company from medium-sized organization to global powerhouse. Crum Consult devises operations plans that are paramount to the success of many companies around the world. Operations consultancy happens in stages, first by data and research. The next step is to develop a strategy and implement it into a business environment.

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