What Industries We Work With

We work with all sectors ranging from technology to healthcare. Not forgetting small and local businesses.

Banking and Investment

Our team of expert capital consultants work with investment banks, assets and wealth managers in order to take their business digital.

Energy Sector

Crum Consult helps shape the future of energy, this means cleaner, safer and more responsible energy generation.

Natural Resources

From analytics to connected mines, we work with mining companies, metal and forest product increase revenue and innovation.

Industrial Equipment

Discover how we are changing the world of industrial mining and equipment.

Why Choose Crum To Do Your Business Consulting?

Unlike other consulting firms, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. No company is too small for us to consult.
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Digital Consulting

We help public sector companies accelerate their digital growth and widen their scope by developing an online infrastructure.

Our Locations

We have offices all around the world. This means that regardless of your project requirements, we are only a call away.

Tech Consulting

Building cutting-edge technology companies can be hard work. This is why Crum Consult assists technology brands with growth and market introduction.

Startup Consulting

Startups need consulting more than most businesses as they often have limited resources. We have a team of experts carrying out startup consultations.

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Projects that we manage and consult for in all sectors for clients, including startups and small, local businesses.

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We put 100% of our effort and passion into every client's projects and their needs.

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As a firm, we have been consulting businesses around the world for five years. With senior staff working in their respective industries for decades.